Why DigitalEar?

Selecting the correct Electronic Systems Integrator for your home can be challenging. The wrong choice will stay with you long after the installation is complete.

We’re in tune with precisely what our clients want from us, which has resulted in many successfully completed projects and happy customers.

Price, Value and Budget:

It’s easy to confuse the lowest price with the highest value. Unfortunately, they are rarely the same thing.

Digital Ear builds value into our system designs by truly considering how YOU will use your home. Most "bids" are a conglomerate of product model numbers with prices listed next to them and from a vendor you probably don't even know.

How do you know if those are the best items for you? How do you know that vendor performs quality work? You don’t.

Most companies make no consideration of you, the client. By contrast, this where we start everything. We conduct a clear review of your goals for the home, how you will interface with it, your lifestyle and your budget. We’ll discuss how we can make things simple for you and find out what interests you.

From there, we’ll build a custom-designed system that fits YOU.


Everyone wants to be treated fairly.

Unfortunately, many companies provide low-price bids to entice you to select them and then later bombard you with change orders, which include items that were purposely left out of the bid. Our proposals are accurate and complete from the start. Our #1 goal is to complete your system on budget and make you happy, so that we receive your positive referral to your friends and family members.


Digital Ear is a group of people with decades of experience in design and engineering, project management, programming, IT, and customer service. We’re licensed, insured and have been in business for over 20 years.

We’re also affiliated with design and technology associations to ensure you are getting the most knowledgeable group of professionals in your home.

Ease of Use:

No one wants to be a beta tester. We understand that you want a simple system that’s easy to use and works every time. That’s why we stick to integrating quality devices in ways that are proven. We design systems that provide stunning performance and perform simply.

Simple Communication:

We pride ourselves in having sales designers with a strong command of electronic systems experience. We don’t use complicated industry jargon when speaking with you, as we understand that’s only confusing. We understand your main concern is in how the products can help you use your home better and that is the cornerstone for all of our designs.

Customer Service/Trained Technical Staff:

Our business is technical in nature and you depend on us to advise and provide the latest technologies in a simple and effective manner. Moreover, you want to receive service and suggestions for upgrades for many years after we complete your project.

To accomplish this, we have a trained design and technical staff that is constantly seeking product and design training. We stay up to date with what works and what doesn’t and we take an advisory approach about what to add to your system and also what to avoid.

Industry Trade Partners/Project Management:

We have years of experience working with architects, general contractors and interior designers to provide simple systems that look and perform well.

All of our systems include project management. We’ll carefully coordinate with trade partners that are working on your home to ensure an efficient installation.